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Frequently asked questions

Sound too good to be true? Dig deeper into some of our most asked questions to better understand how Acre works for you.


How it works

No longer the biggest financial decision of your life.

  1. Get approved

    It’s quick and won’t affect your credit score. Create an account to get started.

  2. Find the perfect home

    We’ll show you homes in your budget. Shop yourself or with an agent of your choosing.

  3. Acre makes an offer for you

    Acre purchases the home. You start your Acre journey with only 5% of the home's price, paid to Acre. Once we’ve won the home together, Acre tackles all of the paperwork and closing.

  4. Move in and start saving

    We’ll give you your keys and get out of the way so you can enjoy your new home and make it your own.

  5. Support along the way

    Acre ensures your home’s major systems are always in good shape. We cover the big stuff when it comes to maintenance, like HVAC, major plumbing, and more.

  6. Buy, extend, cash out, or transfer

    Flexibility when your term is up. You can even purchase the home if you love it -- without the competition of other buyers -- at any time.

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