Relaxing at Home

Fundamentally redesigning 

Acre is a new and better way to purchase and care for your home. With Acre you can enjoy all the best parts of homeownership, without the headaches.  Acre delivers a new experience powered by innovations in technology, finance, and operations that make home ownership delightful.


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We ditched the mortgage, and created a new way to purchase homes

To create a fundamentally better experience, we started with the most painful part - the mortgage - and got rid of it.  Instead, we invest in the home with you.


Buying a home is no longer the biggest financial decision of your life

With Acre, purchasing a home is easy and low-stress.  We allow you to purchase just the amount of the home that makes sense for you. Enjoy the best homes, at a lower monthly payment and lower risk than a traditional mortgage.


Aligned incentives win

With Acre you have an experienced partner that cares about your home. You shouldn’t have to shoulder all the risk, tough decisions and maintenance on your own.  We’ve created a delightful experience that puts you in the driver seat. If something does come up, help is just a few clicks, or a phone call, away.


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